This page will help you prepare you property for hooking up your new tiny home from Mount Baker Tiny Homes.


If you can hook up an RV, you are ready to go. Your tiny home uses the same plugin and specifications as an RV. You should plug into a 50 Amp 220 volt dedicated breaker. An electrician can easily set this up for you if you don’t have it.


Our tiny homes have standard sewer hookups. They can be connected to a city sewer or a sewer tank.


for water, simply hook up to a regular spigot using garden hose hardware.


Your on-demand water heater and range run on propane. We have provided a hookup for this at the front of the trailer. Talk to your local propane delivery company if you want to set up a large tank. They will typically lease it to you and fill it up once or twice a year. Propane is much cheaper when you use this system as opposed to refiling your own tanks.

Feel free to call us if you have any more questions about hookups.

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