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Embracing Simplicity: The Advantages of Living in a Tiny Home

In recent years, the trend of living in tiny homes has gained considerable momentum, appealing to individuals seeking a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. These compact dwellings, typically ranging from more »

House Bill 1337 – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Washington State

Why its a big deal House Bill 1337 was passed in April of 2023, and it is a big deal for our state. The purpose is to ease the barriers more »

Can I have a Tiny Home in Port Townsend?

There’s good news for tiny Home enthusiasts in Port Townsend.  In March 2023 the city of Port Townsend passed ordinance 3306 to remove barriers for creating new housing. Here are more »

Changes in Washington State Housing Law

Washington State is implementing some important new housing related laws to meet growing demand. The Washington State Department of Commerce has estimated in a March 2023 report that the state more »

Whatcom Home and Garden Show

We had a great time this year at the Whatcom Home and Garden Show. We met a lot of people and made some new friends. It was fun to see more »

All About Tiny House Toilets

Talking about the details of pooping and peeing can be a little bit uncomfortable, but come on. We all do it every day of our lives (usually), so there’s no more »

Testing the Snow Load

Ok, it’s just a natural experiment. I didn’t make it snow so that I could test the roof. But its holding up just fine. We got 4-5 inches total. more »

A beautiful day

Why do we wrap?

People tend to think that the reason for house wrap is to make sure that there are no air leaks. Well, yes, that is one reason. But another, perhaps even more »

Check out that view

We spend a lot of time looking out windows–especially when the living space is tiny. So here at Mount Baker Tiny Homes we always like to build in plenty of more »

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